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Tora A/S

”ISOWARE and competent guidance from the company have been decisive for our management of quality, environment and working environment in TORA.”

Jesper W. Jensen, CEO

Quality management is a keyword at TORA. The purpose of TORA's quality management system is to ensure that quality is appropriately managed, that we meet our goals and our customers' expectations and relevant requirements from the authorities. The quality management system includes all activities in TORA from bidding to delivery of finished goods, as well as selection and management of our subcontractors.

Since we were to introduce ISO9001 into our quality system in TORA, we chose ISOWARE. ISOWARE provides a quick overview of our processes - and we can find the information we need. ISOWARE is easy to use. At the same time, the advice in connection with the implementation was effective so we came through the process while we increased production. Update to ISO9001: 2015 has also run smoothly.

In 2016 we were to be ISO14001 environmentally certified. Here it was obvious to integrate into ISOWARE - and this time we also chose consultants from ISOWARE to assist us. The integration has proved very effective, so that our environmental management and quality management work together.

Along the way, ISOWARE has been shown to contain functionality also for the more complicated functions. Not just complaints processing, but also PPAP is handled in the system.

Skandia Laser Teknik A/S

”ISOWARE is an efficient system that ensures that we comply with quality standards and customer requirements. It is easy to use and maintain. The things we need are available with a few clicks”

Henrik Jensen, CEO

At Skandia Laser Teknik we constantly focus on the task and see opportunities over obstacles. Great flexibility, good service and delivery security are key words for us, and this, in conjunction with the individual employee's job satisfaction, means that we are always a comfortable and serious business partner.

Since we were certified ISO9001, we examined the market and chose ISOWARE as our supplier of quality management system. It's easy to find your way around - the information you find is available at a few clicks. During the implementation phase we received good advice, and things were not made larger or more complicated than necessary. And our employees use ISOWARE every day. For information search and data management.

The update to ISO9001: 2015 happened without problems and with few adjustments. Here ISOWARE showed itself to be very flexible.

We recommend ISOWARE as a system and partner. In the implementation work, we have received good advice from ISOWARE. They help to ensure that we do not make things more difficult than necessary.

Alfa Lava - Marine

Alfa Laval - Marine needed an effective tool to process the activities. The tool should be centrally managed and exploited internationally by showing the same process several languages - to the factories in Brazil and Indonesia. Alfa Laval - Marine chose ISOWARE with the language module.

ISS logo,

ISS Facility Management needed a system that could handle the entire organization's employees spread over many different locations and with many different requirements working environment. ISS needed one system that was simple to maintain, as could be maintained decentralized and at the same time meet the very different demands that were made placed in the company's many branches. ISOWARE is implemented with effective use of organizational management and reporting.

API Marine logo

API Marine manufactures measuring equipment for manufactures measuring equipment for tankers worldwide. API Marine should be certified within ISO9000 and ATEX, and needed to build a system from scratch. The system should be simple and quick to work with and internationally applicable. API Marine chose ISOWARE and implemented the system and was certified within 3 months.

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