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Project Management

Project management based on process descriptions

ISOWARE contains a project module that is very simple to use. In addition to the possibility of creating projects and tasks in the usual way, the project module makes it possible to create projects that are based on existing process descriptions. The project's activities are "drawn" in a process and form the basis for the projects to be described. This makes the project creation very simple to use and manage.

The starting point is a process description:

Swimlane - Indkøb

The process actors are mapped to project participants and each activity in the process is now a task in the project.


The process template ensures that everything is included. When the individual tasks are organized, a Gantt card is automatically developed with an overview of the project's tasks, their relation and development. In addition to each task, a green, yellow, or red selection appears indicating whether the task, and therefore the project, is on time.

Gantt Charting

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