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Process Management

Visualization of your business processes

ISOWARE visualizes, creates coherence and provides a unique overview of your business processes. ISOWARE is the modern management tool for:

ISOWARE is based on the process thought where the emphasis is on the company's core processes, from customer requests to customer satisfaction. The system is understandable and easy to use and provides results in terms of savings and increased efficiency. ISOWARE is a graphically based tool. With graphics and text, the user is led through click fields to underlying process descriptions, which can be flowcharts, text documents, uploaded documents or external files, e.g. PDF or Word files. Below you can see a brief description of the different process types supported by ISOWARE.

Process View

Process Views provide the full overview of the company's processes. The overviews are often built with focus on the company's core processes, with click access to the various underlying process descriptions.

Swimlane ® flow chart

Swimlanes are used when a process is to be described in detail and is often used at the level below Process Views. Swimlanes provides a unique simple and easy explanation of the process steps. They are always read from the top and the responsible participant in the process (the actor) is always designated.

Swimlanes are very easy to create and edit. No education or prior knowledge is necessary and thus all employees can participate in the process. The process is described better and becomes part of the employees' daily lives. Swimlanes can be used as a template to create new projects in ISOWARE - Learn more.

Project View

This type of process description is in the form of a Project Layout.

It consists of task descriptions and intermediate gates. Each description can be followed with explanatory text and links can be created in both the description and the text. Project Views can be used as a template to create new projects in ISOWARE - Learn more.


This type of process display is less flow chart and more a comprehensive overview of what is included in a process.

Who can act, what to do, how to do it and which measurements belong to the process. An effective image and efficient overview of a process.

Text Document

A Text Document is a plain text description of the process, guidance or instruction that is to be described.

It is possible to insert links in the text for example links to other process descriptions. Text can be copied from other text documents.

Uploaded file

Files can be uploaded, e.g. images, Word documents and PDF documents for the system.

The files are stored in the database and are included as a process in the version control.

External link

An external link is used to link to external resources, such as a web address or a file on a network drive.

External links can also be used to link to internal ISOWARE resources. Eg. It is possible to create an external link in a process that leads to the creation of a particular report. If a path to a document or a web address is changed, the link only needs to be updated in one place and via the process list you always have an overview of which links you have active in the system.

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