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ISOWARE release note

Version 13.1.0


New Oracle Java License Terms

ISOWARE uses Java and has so far recommended using Oracle Java. The license terms for Oracle Java have changed, which means that Oracle Java is no longer free to use commercially. Future use of Oracle Java will therefore incur a licensing cost. Oracle has created a FAQ on the subject, which can be read here: Oracle JDK License General FAQs.

If the license cost is not desired, we recommend using OpenJDK instead. OpenJDK installation packages can be downloaded here: https://adoptopenjdk.net. ISOWARE has been tested with the OpenJDK 8 (LTS) version and this is therefore recommended as a replacement for Oracle Java.

Browser support

ISOWARE does not support Internet Explorer 11 or any previous versions of Internet Explorer.

Improvements and new features

Template rules in report templates

Template rules are used to control how reports behave when creating and editing.

It is e.g., possible to:

Template rules are set up by defining conditions and actions. Conditions determine when a rule is to take effect and the actions are performed when the conditions are met.

Template rules can be viewed and set up by opening a report template in edit mode and going to the Rules tab:

Drag’n’drop in report templates

The arrows that were previously used to change the position of fields and sections in a report template have been removed. Instead, use drag'n'drop to move around fields and sections.

Improved use of groups in process learning

Members of groups selected for process learning are now automatically inserted / removed from relevant processes when group members are added or removed.

Log in without selecting a language

Under Settings/System/Language it is now possible to choose whether the language selection on the login page should be displayed as a drop-down menu or as a button:

If Show language selection on login page as a button is selected, users can choose not to select a language during login and will then be logged in with the language specified in the user's account.

Sharing reports with other organizations

Report templates can now be set up so that it is possible to share reports with other organizations.

The setup is done by putting a report template in edit mode and going to the General settings tab:

When a report in organization 1 is shared with organization 2, the report becomes part of organization 2. That is, users in organization 2 have the same access to the shared report as they have to other reports in organization 2.

In other words, you can allow users in organization 1 to share a report with users in organization 2, without giving users in organization 2 reporting rights in organization 1.

To share a report with another organization, the user sharing the report must have the Edit Own/All Reports right in the organization to which the report belongs.

How to do it:

Select Share in the toolbar at the top of the report

There is a button for each organization it is possible to share with, in the window on the right. Select Share with organization: [Name of organization] next to the button that contains the name of the organization you want to share with

The report will now be shared with the selected organization and the sharing can now be seen in the Sharing section at the bottom of the report

Information about the sharing can be viewed by clicking on it in the list.

If the sharing is to be canceled it can be achieved by clicking on it in the list and selecting Cancel sharing

NOTE: The Send report as e-mail function is now also available by clicking the Share button.

Max. width of process logos

A maximum width for process logos can now be set under Settings/Processes/Logo:

Relative dates in searches

When adding date search criteria to stored searches, some additional options are added:

The new options are:

The new options are not all available for all date fields, e.g., is Equal to current date plus and Within the next not available on Date created field in reports as this field does not contain future dates.

Lists based on searches in Dashboards

In the URL field in Iframe boxes in dashboards, a Link wizard button has now been added:

This button activates the Link wizard:

Here you can select which module you want to use searches from in the Select link type field and which search you want to use in the Select search field. Then click the CreateLink button.

A link is now created to display the search result of the selected search, which is inserted in the URL field of the Iframe box and the search result will now be displayed in your dashboard:

Integration with Azure AD

ISOWARE can now be set up to synchronize users with Microsoft Azure AD. The setup requires, information to be entered about e.g., Azure Directory ID, Azure Application ID and Azure Secret. This information is obtained by performing an app registration in Azure AD.

The information must be entered under Settings/System/Azure, which belongs to system settings and is thus valid for the entire installation.

In the help file you can find a more detailed description of how this setup can be performed.


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