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Visualization of enterprise processes

ISOWARE visualizes, creates coherence and provides a unique overview of your business processes.

ISOWARE is the modern management tool for:

ISOWARE is based on the process thought where the emphasis is on the company's core processes, from customer requests to customer satisfaction. The system is understandable and easy to use and provides results in terms of savings and increased efficiency.

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Data Collection and Processing

ISOWARE collects important business data on e.g. deviations via the fully configurable report module. An unlimited number of report forms can be created that can be used to collect virtually any kind of data. Report data can be sorted and analyzed in ISOWARE and can also be exported for further processing. This ensures that the company management has the information to make the right decisions.

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From process to project

ISOWARE contains a project module that is very simple to use. In addition to the possibility of creating projects in the usual way, the project module makes it possible to create projects that are based on existing process descriptions.

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