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About Us


ISOWARE was developed by Danish IT engineers in close collaboration with companies and quality consultants, as the answer to the companies' requirement for a single tool for process creation and process management.

The first version was released in 2005 and was at that time a process control tool that was primarily aimed at quality management.

However, the ISOWARE team qucikly realized that the lack of tools to manage processes and optimize business processes in a simple way was not limited to the world of quality.

Therefore, ISOWARE is today in a version that helps everything from manufacturing companies to pure knowledge companies to optimize business processes through overview, quick information retrieval and visibility of problems.


ISOWARE should be among the most well-known and respected process management tools

ISOWARE should be the "de facto" standard for process control

ISOWARE should be known as useful in all phases of process work while being very simple to use

ISOWARE should be known for being able to understand the needs of users


ISOWARE provides products and services that make process management easy to learn and easy to practice

ISOWARE sets the standard for process control, based on best-practice development work

We specialize in:

Process Management

Lean Management

Quality Management


The company has an Executive Board and Board of Directors, all of whom contribute both with IT expertise and business understanding.

Robert E. Wolfe. (CEO)

Robert E. Wolfe is a trained chemist from Richmond University, New Jersey. USA. He has been involved in IT and development for more than 20 years. Bob Wolfe has besides his participation in the management of ISOWARE more than 15 years of experience as Chairman and CEO of a NASDAQ listed company.

Kurt Søndergaard

Electrical engineer and security consultant within IT. Kurt Søndergaard is a trained lead auditor within ISO9000 (Quality) and ISO27000 (IT Security). Kurt Søndergaard has more than 15 years of experience in managing IT companies, especially within security.

Development and support

ISOWARE has a strong support and development team. There is in the group over 20 years of experience with IT in Danish and foreign companies and we have trained ISO9000/14000/27000 lead auditors.

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